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If You received a Degree Outside of the United States

June 03, 2023

If you received your degree in a country other than the United States, there are additional steps you must take prior to applying for the program:

1.  You must have your transcript evaluated by a recognized foreign evaluation service. Here is a link to TEA recognized credentialing services: .

2.  You must pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language.  To qualify for the program you must score a 24 in Speaking, 22 in LIstening, 22 in Reading and 21 in Writing.  You can find out more about the test at .

3.  If you are already certified to teach in another country, it may not be necessary to join a program.  You can find out more at

In some instances, TEA will grant you a one year certificate until you can pass the Texas teacher exams.

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